"Most people who are retired look forward to enjoying activities... It has been very frustrating that my back problems have seriously limited or prevented my enjoyment for these activities... I am happy with the results of the DRX and I'm glad that I participated in the treatment program. I can now enjoy 18 holes of golf."  read more
- Douglas Kimball, 73 years old

"I had a serious back injury with multiple bulging discs. For the past 51 weeks now I have been in and out of doctors offices and rehab programs repeatedly trying to get relief from my pain and numbness. Nothing worked! The results of using the DRX 9000 have been no less than amazing. My pain is almost entirely gone and I have a little or no numbness." read more
- Kelly Alton

May 23, 2016
Matt Hafen:

It has been over a year and a half since I first started going to you. I had recently moved to St. George and was looking for a chiropractor to help me overcome my problems with sciatica. My wife and I had come here from San Diego where I had very little luck with chiropractors. My hesitancy continued until I received your ad and then did my homework by reviewing your website. Your program was what I was looking for and I had never found one as complete as yours. When you and I first met you alleviated all concerns I had with my problems, ie.: back pain, neuropathy, and feelings of pain and needles running through my left leg and foot.

Your program did wonders for me and eliminated the problems I had been having.

Upon completion of the initial program, my concerns of sciatica returning were handled with your maintenance program. A program where I came to you as needed or when I had a flare up. Again, you helped me. I continue coming, but my trips are so infrequent but it assures me that I have you and your staff to lean on. Nonie, Jeny and Ashlie are professional and understanding in handling me. It's nice that you have trained them so well that I feel they are an extension of you.


Roger Talman
St. George, Utah

“By the fifth session (of a twenty-session program), I was again able to walk without pain…Dr. Hafen and his staff were a pleasure to be with, and I was treated professionally and courteously at every visit. The staff ensured that I was comfortable and aware of the treatment. Everyone was good natured…. and the outcome so far has been fantastic…. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you!”


“I have spent the last year in and out of Dr.’s offices for severe low back pain, and I’ve been on all kinds of meds. I drove 3 hours up and back for DRX treatments and it has been worth every minute….I finally feel so much better. Thank you!”

-Melinda Morris

“I was very hesitant when I first looked into getting decompression care. I just didn’t trust that it was going to work for me… After the DRX treatment program, I can walk without a limp and the pain in my leg and back are gone. I’m glad I did it!”

-Bruce Hintze

“I came to the office for persistent back pain. Regular duties were becoming more difficult…very painful. Despite reluctance to try the Decompression Treatment Program, I did try it. Now I can do most anything an 80-year old person could be expected to do.”

-Pat Burke

“I had a herniated disc at age 13. It didn’t help anything by taking medication. My herniated disc caused me to miss lots of school, fall behind, and even fail some classes. It prevented me from playing lacrosse, volleyball, and any physical activity whatsoever. They’ve put me on the DRX decompression machine and since then, I’ve been doing great! Thanks!”

-Kaitlyn Woolf

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for over ten years as a result of an automobile accident. Last January I arrived at our home in St George and literally could not turn my head, lean down or look up and l was having debilitating headaches.

I started treatments with Dr. Hafen and his professional staff and eight weeks later I was completely pain free. i could turn my head, drive without any discomfort and had full range of motion.

It's a process, but I followed the healthy plan laid out for me and the results have exceeded all my expectations. I'm continuing with the exercises and supplements for joint health and I am feeling stronger and healthier than I have in years. Thank you Willow Bend Chiropractic for improving the quality of my life!

-Donna O'Quinn

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Dr. Hafen, Nonie, Ashlie and Jenny.

For years I’ve put up with a bad back, thinking it was part of the aging process. Finally, the pain prompted me to see Dr. Matt Hafen at Willow Bend Chiropractic. l was stunned to learn I had a curve in my spine. We set up a schedule for treatments and also exercises to be done at home during the 5 weeks of visits. The very first week I noticed a difference in how I felt and the lessening of pain in my lower back and leg. The second week I realized my knees were stronger. Stairs were so much easier to navigate. Now as my treatments are coming to an end, I have less pain in my back and leg and lam able to get back to work in the garden (albeit carefully). I intend to extend the series of treatment so that the progress of my spine health will continue. I can now walk further with less pain and am so grateful for The Willow Bend Team and Dr. Hafen. They are like family and I know ifl have any issue...they will always be there to provide the help I need., and always with a smile to welcome me.

-Sharlene Pickett

Dr. Matt Hafen is a highly qualified professional, but more than that, he is a physician that cares about his patients physical and emotional well—being. I was tired of getting shots to relieve my pain, only to have them wear off too soon and have pain again and again. So I went to see Dr. Hafen. He is dedicated to relieving pain and discomfort. After 3 days a week for six weeks of treatments consisting of; Laser, Shock and Back Stretching, I was standing up straight again with “N 0 Pain”. I truly feel that Dr. Hafen and his staff gave me back my life. I would recommend him to anyone.

-DeAnna Sittre

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